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Happy Sunday everyone!

Sunday holds the spot as my favorite day hands down. As the time designated for rest, I look forward to the time when I know I will slow down. You may have noticed I paint my nails each week during what I call my Sunday Ritual. Even if I don’t get to spend the day relaxing the way I want or should, I have that time set in stone.

Sunday evening is the one time specifically set aside for myself. I enjoy the process of painting my nails: the straight strokes made with the brush, the careful articulation I must use to draw my design, the movie I get to watch so I sit still while my nails fully dry. The movement of the brush strokes lets my mind walk some of its thoughts out as I focus on my physical task. I also put my creativity to use as I generate a design based on the colors featured for the upcoming week. All of this provides my body and soul its adequate rest.

I encourage you to take regular time to rest as well. Sunday works well as you can start the next week refreshed. I know most people don’t like Mondays, but I always go into the week feeling ready to go because I recharged the previous day. Taking time to relax keeps you feeling healthy and balanced. Recharging makes it better for you to continue tackling your situations and tasks and can give you a fresh look as you return to them. It’s an extension to the concept of walking away from walking away from a problem and being able to solve it upon return. Productivity can rise when we step away from our busy schedules to relax. So take the time to be good to yourself so you can continue feeling fully charged and at peace.