Here is my nail post this week!

Fabulously Fancy Fingertips


My nails this week feature Julep’s Eden as the base and a pink Nail Ritz for the suns and the heart split between my ring and middle finger.

I unofficially started my Sunday Ritual almost ten years ago, and I was reminded of its beginnings this week. For the movie feature this ritual, I watched Everwood. I was right at the point in season two where I first started watching the show. I caught the show once and immediately felt drawn to the family drama where the Abbot and Brown families struggled together and members of both families started to fall in love. Everwood played a small role in the initial development of my Sunday Ritual. I had painted my nails regularly before, but I started doing them on Sunday when I watched the replay of the current episode of Everwood on their Sunday Easy View. One Tree Hill played…

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