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I received my first Birchbox this month! This marked new beginnings in my beauty routine and writing styles. The box came filled with beauty products to try, and I decided to use the new exposure and experience to write my first review.

I provided a little description of my experience with each product, providing you with the feedback here.

100% Pure’s Nourishing Body Cream: I tested this product first, and I would recommend it. The lotion went on smoothly. Rather than leaving a heavy or greasy feel on my skin, it left it noticeably softer and more moisturized the following day. It smelled good as I applied it too; I could sense the soft scent of cocoa in it.

TanTowel’s Classic Formula Self-Tan Towelettes: I felt a little hesitant about the towel because I have very fair skin and work to keep it light and healthy. I gave it a shot so I could still review it, figuring it would fade soon anyway. Fortunately, it hardly darkened my complexion. I was pleasantly surprised at how natural it looked too. I mostly noticed it on my legs. The color went on pretty evenly but not perfectly.

COOLA’s Classic Face SPF 30 Cucumber Moisturizer for Face: This item became my favorite in this box after my first use. It had a light feel, not like a sunscreen despite the 30 SPF. The cucumber gave it a refreshing feeling upon application, and it maintained a coolness throughout its wear. I wore it during my jog, and my face felt really good.

Benefit Cosmetics’ Hellow Flawless Oxygen Wow!: The foundation was okay, but I wouldn’t buy it. I liked that it had a higher SPF for sun protection, but I wasn’t satisfied with the look. It described itself as brigthening, but I equated that with shine. I eventually accepted that was probably the intented look, but I don’t like a shiny face, which in this case was accompanied with a greasier feel. It went on smoothly and didn’t have a heavy or cakey feel, but the color was slightly off for my tone. It was a little more brown than my pink complexion.

Number 4’s Super Comb Prep & Protect: I was expecting to feel nonchalant about this because I was a little skeptical of the “leave in” concept and already use conditioner in the shower every morning. At first, I was unsure about how it made my hair feel, but it grew on me, especially after I straightened my hair after applying the spray (the first couple days I didn’t style my hair). It gave me hair a little more moisture, and I ended up liking it.

The items in this month’s Birchbox have provided some fun additions and twists to my beauty routine, and I look forward to future batches of products!