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Today blends into tomorrow

We embark on an open night drive

Anxious to see the sun start another day

I shut my eyes to no avail

For how can I sleep with you in my sight

I don’t want to break the contact even by eye

So I lay my head on your shoulder

Never leaving your side

The touch keeps me with you

My hand holds your arm

As yours guides the way

I close my lids again

connected to a natural leader

The day slowly fades with us still bright

Our headlights shine ahead, even in a dream

Your voice echoes toward the dawn

New words sound a new melody

Trickling through my ears into my heart

My head stores the memory

Of another mile forever

Our best talks flow over the rolling road

When the wheels turn us closer

To the light pouring out ahead

With our lips moving, we steer forward

Our mouths locking into an infinity sign,

The kiss that shows one forever