I spent Father’s Day with my dad for the first time since I’m not quite sure how many years ago. Initially, I snapped this picture to lovingly poke fun at his hair as he started walking away, but he stopped to smile for me anyway. He even wore his Truman Dad (my school) shirt I got him a while back.
We talked shop and future this afternoon, namely about my writing and my career. Once again, my dad reminded me to keep reaching forward; I have potential with a couple positions I hold and can work angles with my gifts and interests. No one will come knocking on my door to offer me a job. I’ve got to go knocking on doors; he’s right again. He encouraged me to pursue more work to do what I love just by pointing out the need for media and writing connections in businesses and that I have the ideas and know-how to potentially fill them.
As he has taught me my whole life, I must keep reaching forward, keep making my situation better for myself. Though I may not necessarily do this strictly from a status stance because I want the highest paying job, I do want to reach for my potential greatest as I consider this a way to share my gifts to their fullest. I can develop them in my current position and use that to benefit others. I should be making the most of the talent and skill (my potential) given me. It would be a shame to let potential go unexplored when it can be fruitful glory to God. Ultimately, I can progress my position to better reach people, maybe even more people. This means I can let more Light shine.