I finally fell to gravity

I let the pull take hold

My shoulders rolled back

And my neck arched

As my head tipped skyward

My eyes followed the golden path

That wrapped my center

As my body found rest

I found the crook

And you were attached

Your shoulder holding mine

Our arms outlined your chest

And I saw inside

As your other arm completed your lasso

The fiery ring around my waist


Your swing plunged me into a dip

As you embraced your catch

The crescendo softening

As our rhythms steadied

My eyes locked into yours

Our shared metronome swinging

Our gravity centers balanced

Because you lifted my chin to yours

Then your lips leaned into mine

For a first kiss in our first fall

Before releasing gravity’s pull

With two irises in two worlds

With one unified cored

We rose again refreshed

Dancing on the same floor


To our first love song