I can’t stop the mist in your eyes

Or that mysterious fog

But I’m always beside you

The fire in my lamp never fades


At times a haze hovers in our vision

but we feel our hands entwined

as we hold the other’s with one and reach forward with the other

even stepping in pace we stub our toes on the way


The misstep bites my lip and swallows your tongue

But it only wounds the flesh

Our devotion flows deeper than blood

With steady saline that cleanses the body through soul


When I stub your toe or you step on mine

Your mercy spills

And my kindness pours

To maintain a pure heart for two


Linked hand in hand, one fall pulls two

Though one may hit and cushion the fall

The caught one can pull back up

braced to raise our chins while locked at the jaws


You can tell I’m thinking by a mere gaze

you know the look and you know the depth

your eyes peer into mine, but you wait to dive

I come back up, and we take an invited swim


As we stare into the colored pools we know so well

We smile at the discoveries we make in a familiar home

The corners turn up, and the cheeks lift to open

A welcoming joy where happiness grows


Even when the tears wash the happiness

They land on joyful lips that will dam the sorrow

It too dries and passes, to be filled again

A slow, soft kiss leads back to a warm embrace