Your face reflects like metal

I look into your galvanized washers and melt

I want to bolt my eyes to yours

Then together we will build a house around us


First we’ll gaze at our salvation as we plan

Beginning with a foundation, laid brick by brick

From the mortar we mixed by the fire of our hearts

The desire burning hot enough to not fade in cold


Our roots extend from us, a part of the sheetrock underneath

We develop our strength as we lay bricks and hold up boards

Working inside and out, short and long periods, all for one

So we can have a steady beauty and solid structure


We find the tools to make the parts a whole

The saws and blades to cut the pieces to size

And the nails and hammers to push a snug fit

And the drill to tighten any loose screws


We’ve got the house wired for plumbing and electricity

The water flows through my fittings to keep us alive and clean

And the energy sparks flow through your wires to light and heat

With both running, the house becomes a welcoming home


We’ve picked out a red door to lead to the green house

We turn the knob and enter the threshold

Our heart, our home, cozy and warm

We built one love for two hearts to live

That’s the power of strong home specs