Just tell me you love me

Say you’ll be there

Then give it your all

Even when it’s not right

We’ve laid the words

Built a ground with strong walls

There’s no way we’ll fall


The words start it all

Keeping us connected as one

I can tell you, and you tell me

Pursed lips part to open the doors

Leading us to worlds inside

That only we have vision to see

Beyond what in our land we can be


From tongue and lips to word and bonds

We step forward, and the vine extends

Where branches form a voice as they leave lips

The last place the Word’s mine or yours

And the spot where yours intertwines with mine

The vine wraps as the branches grow from our touching fingertips

So our tongues loosen as the word grips


Tongues create our door, an entryway to heart, mind, and soul

Now we have two ways in and two ways out in a single hallway

But they lead two bodies holding one love in one place

One fertile land where two kindred flowers grow

An openly spotted stargazer and an elegantly unique calla are two of a kind

The complementing colors of the strong quiet and the passionate bold fill one space

This bouquet stays radiant and lush in any case


As I say unto you and as you say unto me

What I know becomes what you know

You soak me in and build with what I give

Filling the deep green pools among brown beating soil where we remain

The first kiss rippling outward, all encompassing

As we pour our hearts fulfilled into the sieve

Where our love filters into the world in which we live