I may not know what you’ll tell
But you know I understand
I see a mist in your eyes
And know how to refill the well
It’s your advice returning in a new way
The words cycling like rain

I may not be able to tell you
In the same words you hold
But I can paint with your palette
And share some of mine too
To capture your smile and
How it’s pushed me forward

I can call you by name
Add to it a sweet sound
Turning it to an endearment
In my script it’s the same
The lines and the curves come in focus
To give meaning to our words

When I set out again
I vow not to turn again
Unless you do too
I want to wake up and begin
Knowing your smile’s part of my day
That you’ll direct it my way

I continue to stand at your side
Seeking that warmth in your soul
Finding advice in your eyes
Inviting you to mine as a place to hide
Because you know me and I you
Please understand my passion

It’s put my smile on an admirable face
Your glow proficient, I find my way back reformed
We’ve met here to share the joy
Celebrating together a love embraced
Swaying in time to set our pace
Leaving us now to dance our tempo

You’re the woman with the smile
That seals my beloved, kind heart
Whose ear touches mine as I hold you close
The happiest, most proud man in the aisle
Cheek to cheek, we lean into each other
My shoulder lowered to yours

I’m angling myself toward you
So you can lean on me, steady or trembling
Our mouths can make the words
To touch, connect, push me to you
To build my passion to see, bond, hold us
Lips can’t stop our tongues being one