I don’t mean to block you out

I want you to stay

You showed such tenderness

When I turned away

Please let me return

That softness you shared

As I tell you how

We’ll speak words into our world


You leaned in; I turned out

And you let me fall into you

I looked into your eyes

Inviting you in

Before closing them again

So you stood nearby

Waiting for the next time

When I might be ready to accept


You shared the softness of your lips

Even when I hid my own

I withheld, but you showed more

A kiss above the eyes instead

So I leaned into you

As you put your arm around me

Extending your care beyond you

To make me feel good

Despite the sting it could bring


I know I can tell you anything

Not only because you told me so

But because you didn’t go

I kept the words inside

That would tell you why I hide

But I let you hold me

A starting place to unravel

What makes me me

And what will make us a we