I’ve got the pen

but you’ve got the ink

You fill me up

and the words flow

I move forward

because You show the way


I am a character

but You are the author

You sculpt me over time

smoothing my rough spots

I become more beautiful

because I’m made in Your image


I face conflict

but You are resolution

no matter how strong the tension

I won’t break from You

You always have control

because in the end You decide


I make my decisions

because you give me free will

Even as I stray in mistakes, temptation

I focus on You

You reach out Your hand to me

because You created me and my story


I develop in each chapter

and You are here with me

You make plans to prosper me

and You lead me toward Your kingdom

I will follow, and I will invite others to join

because You are the Father who writes happily ever after