I started listening to classic rock when I was about four years old. My dad was a big fan and listened to it frequently. We would fast forward his AC/DC cassette to “Thunderstruck” and sing along to the stereo. Dad would play Sammy Hagar’s “Red” through the system in the living room, and, to my mother’s disapproval, my dad, brother, and I would stand on the fireplace awaiting our special part. When it came, we would jump off the fireplace yelling, “Red!” This serves as the roots for my love of music and a musical connection with my dad, both of which have grown over the years.

I still enjoy my classic rock. It reminds me of my dad, but I have added other genres to my musical taste, including nineties alternative and pop and singer-songwriter styled artists that I attribute to my personal taste (I have other genres in my mix too, but those are the ones most personal to me). My dad and I even both delved into music making. I started taking piano lessons in third grade, and I added guitar in middle school after my dad picked it up. We played some songs together, like Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire,” and I even performed in a rock band. We still talk about playing and collaborate ideas. I’d like to write my own songs, and my dad can still help me by helping me add music to the lyrics I write.

I have a lifetime love for music. Some songs or styles remind me of certain people or times or situations. Some music represents me personally, and I have delved into its creation myself. I have my dad to thank for my initial exposure and background. It has served as a crucial bonding point over the years as we listen and play together.