We all have our strength tested on a regular basis, eventually making use of even those muscles not typically exercised. Just as everyone’s work out routines vary, our lives vary just the same. God equips us with the same basic setup and we experience most of the same major situations (dreams of attaining a certain professional role, romance, heartbreak, loss of a loved one, etc), but we each have a unique development of these instances and a unique way we are built, based on our general makeup, background, experience, and knowledge. The same situation hits every individual differently, and even one person may not respond in the same manner when a similar situation occurs again.

As these situations have such a personal and at the same time so universal effect, it is vital that we share struggles (and joys) with each other. The vulnerability connects us to each other; it reminds us that we are not the only ones who have faced our hardships and that we support one another through them.

God created us to be in relationship. We must bond with Him and his people. So share your life. You’ll find the support you need in the connections you deepen, and you’ll remind others of your humanness. Ultimately, we provide each other humanity.