Even to You, to give all my heart is hard

That trust just doesn’t wrap it all

My doubts and fears peek out, poking myself

Yet through those holes Your love pours anew


My faith conquers my shame

Because I know your promises are true

You will grow me, pruning along the way

From those branches with fruit I pour Your love too


Body and soul are formed by Your Hands

Placed under Your sun for a purpose

Glistening just right under the stars

For even in darkness the Light shines through


So I wake to each morning’s sunrise,

A new masterpiece painting another day,

Letting Your love wash over me again

And I open myself to pour Love into what I do


Every face I meet a child of Yours

I must show them your kingdom ahead

So together we can build it bigger in Love

Serving You in Your creation, we pour out Your love too