Erupting like a volcano is my love
And I’m slipping into the lava
Trying to keep from going under
As I’m burning up with your love

The lava spills from my heart
As I long to pour it over you
To share the warmth it ignites
Together we’re drawn like magnets, never broken, ever pulling closer

Density has brought us together
The attraction as strong as an ionic bond
And the connection shared like a covalent bond
Now we share our valence, completing each other

As two atoms we share one electron
Making us one, stable molecule in love
Though even a microscope can’t capture our love
I look into it and see you in the reflection of my eye

Our love paints my world with a rainbow of colors
As it courses like a river in my veins
Pulsing in time like the click of a clock
I lava you now and forever, always shining like the sun