When I asked if this is real
You said you were trying to tell me I’m the one you choose
But that you weren’t doing a good job at it
So I believed as you squeezed me close
Now I contemplate my perspective
As I consider your words, actions, and absence
You said you’re not ready, and you walked away
You want to be my friend, but you don’t share
Those deep eyes still try to soak me in
But I see the confusion clouding you
As your sacrificial heart becomes a battlefield
Choices: stand alone, steering from the weight you inevitably hold or confront emotions
Now I step back, waiting, your move determines my response
You can’t honestly say the friendship didn’t bloom beyond
Consider us and realize what exists here, valued
An honest love by faith supported, connected in lives shared
The saddest thing is to let go of something true
Take the time to be real with yourself, genuinely seek
What you want rests in you, waiting patiently
Find that desire and pursue it; reveal your love