The longer I wait, the harder it gets
What appeared as a bump my eyes now distort
My mind starts to play tricks
And I don’t want to play the fool
You stood at my side and described it
But now I stand here alone again
I’m trying to see through the fog a wall or more road
In confidence I see more, but doubt’s creeping
Tell me you hate the distance too, this absence
I can’t hear the beat of your heart when you’re not holding me
If this is for me, and I’m the one you choose
Pull me close and tell me so
I’m easier to protect if I’m near you
Within arm’s reach allows nearness and connected space
But never out of sigh, security, or support
Together we can lift each other up, bumps slowing not stopping us
I still know what I want
Assure me you still feel the same
You want to be with me; embrace me again
I’ll wait if you tell me you’ll fight for us