Oh Lord, You made me with Your hands
Molded me in Your image
Created as good though broken I am
Still it’s Your hands that heal
I rest in Your palm, a sanctuary
And You take me by the hand
Holding me close, leading me heavenward
Though I stumble and hesitate, I’ll never fall
The path I’m on showcases your beauty
Your glory shining throughout creation
The sun sets and always rises again
Two of many masterpieces daily, so universal yet so personal
All agendas set to Your time
As you bring Light to the good and to the bad
In my weakness, I have Your strength
At high and low points, you provide my sustenance and support
You know me better than I do myself
And You live in me, there to gently steer
I make mistakes, but Your grace covers me
Softly pushing me, the path points to You, always at my side