The boy with the green eyes,
he has your name.
When he looks at me
I see that glimmer.
It’s the same as yours
I saw that time you let slip
you think I’m beautiful
because sometimes the fondness concealed
seeps out in your sparkling eyes and upward grin.

Though the boy shares your name,
it’s more like a reflection of myself.
I see my signature green on his shirt
and the pencil held in the same dominant hand.
He asks me for help
and finds ways to catch my eye
eager to share love
rather than hiding behind a prickly shell.

He has your name,
but he is not you.
He wears my color,
but he is not me.
What we have,
our connection, our dynamic,
is unique to us,
a novelty in love.
With the depths it reaches inside,
I know our hearts will coincide.