I see the rain in front of me,
But I see clearly.
The sun is still glowing
In the cloud laden horizon ahead.
Though there’s gray above,
Blue sky lies beyond.
All at once, God’s at work.
Everywhere around me, I see it
In this simultaneous rain and shine
He’s showing me His love.
Even in times of gray,
When shadows try to deceive
By standing in front of the light
The bright Truth still shines.
God’s love never ends
Darkness cannot overcome it;
True love always wins.
Under billowing clouds of uncertainty, doubt, and sadness,
You still hold me close.
I feel Your warmth; I’m in the palm of Your hand.
My relationship with You,
My encompassing all,
Holds steadfast, guiding me onward.
With you always with me,
Your touch evident through all creation,
I stand in the presence of the Light.