They say love will keep you up all night
Now that we’ve said goodbye
My nights are filled with you
though I don’t remember them entirely
I know you appear in my dreams
My thoughts carry you with me
I wake up reminded of you
because you’re still there
In my slumber my heart reveals
the hope and love for you
that’s still alive in me
and urges me to carry on
as over time the greater plan unfolds

Everything holds significance
for now we’re apart
but someday we’ll see how
our friendship shaped us
for each other or for another
planting seeds in our hearts
to blossom true love when we finally break down
admitting our desire to be loved
and stop hiding behind masks
both less up-in-arms
You’ll lower your porcupine quills
and I’ll stop pushing to maintain distance
we’ll embrace one of God’s greatest gifts
modeled after His great love for us

For now we continue our lives
in different places but always in God’s world
living under His watch, witnessing Him weave into our lives
acting in everything, His beauty surrounding all
as His plans beyond imagination emerge as we follow Him
as we grow deeper
we fulfill our purpose
standing firm in God’s salvation and love
A seed’s been planted
but we must wait
to see if it blossoms
growing in a new field
or intertwining with my blooming love
but for now the significance remains veiled