Crawling back in bed again,
soft cushioning embraces me.
I feel the coolness on my skin as I look to the other side.
The bed’s still made there.
Maybe the bear will one day be a man.
Glancing at the window, I start to daydream
about my adult life,
starting my career,
finding my home,
enjoying the luxuries
and having found my man.
A man I can talk to on deep levels,
who is going somewhere because of his drive, intelligence, and talent,
someone with class.
On the verge of becoming, I ponder
the possibilities, the high life, and success.
I want to encourage personal growth, making use of my gifts for fulfillment,
and I desire my own relationship, deeply connected.
But for now I’ll listen as my music plays,
taking in the songs that make me feel in love
soft ballads, smooth voices, and sensual overtones.
Life is so wonderful now and will continue to be
all as I blossom more, basking in God’s glorious love.